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S= X, Darkcide>>OMAR AL KILANI
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Ajdath was formed in Amman the capital of Jordan as early as 1995. The band lost several members to the usual reasons, but managed to issue the 1996 demo Last Resurrection and 1999’s Reign Of Serpents. One of the past members was an Iranian musician named Ahmed. The local distributor and label Mute Records issued the band’s Triangle Of Death in 2006 showcasing a fairly advanced death metal band. By that time guitarist and singer Omar Al Kilani has actually relocated to Poland. The new line-up comprised of guitarist Daniel and drummer Bartek.

Ajdath refers to the graves in Koran’s from which the dead shall rise.


Were one to claim that Ajdath is a Swedish, Canadian or German death metal band one could and would easily believe it. On the other hand, were one to say that Ajdath is a Jordanian band lead by one Omar Al Kilani a metal fan might just do a double take. It is not so much any longer that countries like Jordan are considered anti-metal, but more so because the nature of the six tracks on display here are up to par with death metal from any of the aforementioned countries. Simply put, Ajdath kills.
Speed, power and aggression collide with locally inspired topics in songs like Wrath Of Babel and Intifada for a massive injection of death metal a ala Possessed, Sadistic Intent and Deicide. It will rip your face off with Slayer-esque solos and you shall bow down and thank the band. A better sound production and not ending songs with a fade-out are in order for the next outing, but the knights at Metallian Towers shall welcome the day when more art from the band (which is now based in Poland) is unleashed. This album is now available through Mute Jordan and recommended for fans of extremeness. - Ali “The Metallian"