7 - 2006 - Thundering

S= Darwin's Theory?, Scarve>>ALAIN "BOB" GERMONVILLE - Amor E Morte, Resilience>>ADELINE GURTNER>>Amor E Morte, Resilience
G= Elvaron>>MATTHIEU MORAND>>Elvaron
B= Elvaron>>NICOLAS COLNOT>>Elvaron
K= Kristendom, Interria>>JULIE HÉNAU>>Interria

Akroma features current and former members of Elvaron, Mortuary, Scarve, Resilience and Dying Tears. The group signed to Thundering Records in the middle of 2006 and issued the album three months later. Bob and Mathieu formed the band in 2003 however.

Why on earth would anybody - no matter how retarded, even a Conservative from Alberta - would want to listen to this absolute piece of crap? Manitou Music thinks it has some hot stuff on its hands. 7 is an album containing seven songs each lasting seven minutes with a concept lasting around the seven deadly sins. It would not all be such a snooze-fest were it not for the music, which is ominously described as “Cradle Of Filth’s symphonic black metal enriched with progressive parts a la Dream Theater.” At this juncture one can write any type of gibberish and it would pass because 99% of readers have moved on, but to be academic about it one has to call out the fallacy of calling Cradle Of Filth “black” or “metal” or any combination thereof. While Dream Theater is hardly present, past the wimpwhile instances of Cradle of Filth, the shrieks of the male vocalist are reminiscent of Macabre. That is how bad this crap is. And speaking of the male vocals, Akroma has taken the kitchen sink approach to its, er, music and included male vocals, female vocals, K&F, flute, violin a bassoon all complemented by French lyrics and a drum machine who earlier telegraphed its desire to be disassembled and be relieved of its shame.
For one to think this band is any good is akin to being pro-life and a member of the NRA. For one to say this band is metal or remotely metallic is like being a conservative and claiming interest in progress and for one to call this rubbish anything other than just that is to, presumably, either already be working for a glossy so-called metal magazine or aspire (sic) to do so. Le Cradle Of Filth is a joke without a punch line. - Ali “The Metallian”