The Just Law - 1992 - Head Not Found
...And Death Smiled - 1995 - Adipocere
The Other Side - 1997 - Century Media
Revenge - 1998 - Century Media
Unity - 2001 - Century Media

Alastis image
S= Sadness>>Eric Bouillo - Gladiator, IMC, Cry War>>WAR D.

G= Gladiator, IMC, Cry War, Fourth Reich>>WAR D. - Offering>>NICK

B= Sadness>>Eric Bouillou - Misery>>Didier Rotten - RAFF

D= Fourth Reich>>Acronoise [Laurent Mermod] - SEBASTIAN

K= Behemoth, Offering, Mahalmort>>GRAVEN X>>Mystery Cold

History & Biography
With Acronoise being the brother of Samael's Masmiseim (who was in Alastis earlier), it is not surprising that both bands begun life as black metal entities, switched over to a more mystical outfit - dubbed dark metal - released albums first on smaller independents and later both ending up on Century Media. The band whose name is derived as a variation of Alastor released two known demos by the titles of Factidial Date and Black Wedding before signing with Norway's Head Not Found. The band has toured with the likes of Anathema and Theatre Of Tragedy. There were rumours of the band's demise in 1999, which were ultimately proven incorrect. The band had requested that Century Media release a digi-pack version of the Unity CD, but due to financial constraints the label refused. The band was ultimately dropped by Century Media with the arrival of the new century.