Crushing Christendom – 2000 – Barbarian Wrath
Hellward – 2001 – Barbarian Wrath
Infernal Lord – 2004 - Barbarian Wrath
Demon Attack – 2011 – War
From The Hellish Abyss – 2013 – Hoth
...The Dark Tower... – 2018 - War
The Unholy Hordes – 2021 - Firecum


S= Decayed, Moonspell, Ironsword, Filii Nigrantium Infernalium>>J.M. Tormentor [João Fonseca]>>Decayed, Ironsword, Filii Nigrantium Infernalium - Sethlam Waltheer
G= Decayed, Cunnilingus, Hoth, Nethermancy, Thugnor, Mantiis, Hellfuck>>DESECRATOR [JOSÉ AFONSO]>>Decayed, Cunnilingus, Hoth, Nethermancy, Thugnor, Mantiis, Hellfuck - Blasphemor
B= Black Shadows, Karseron, The Dark One>>Sethlam Waltheer [Gualter Charrua]>>Black Shadows, Karseron, The Dark One
D= Destructor


The underground occult band was together between 1988 and 1990 only to disappear and return in 1996.The band and Decayed had a split in 1998. 2000’s Crushing Christendom was an obvious failure. 2000 Years Lies was a 2006 compilation. Possessed By Darkness was a 2007 EP. Portugal-based Alastor released its 2021 album The Unholy Hordes through Firecum Records in June. The Unholy Hordes was the follow-up to its 30th-anniversary album The Dark Tower.