Silva Nordica – 2006 – Ashen
Noble North – 2007 – No Colours
Waldmark – 2016 – Wrath Of The Tyrant
Sumava – 2019 - Schattenpfade

S= Sadorider/Reingoe – Dominus Satanas, Distaste, Hellbound, Eschaton, Glaciation, Flammenkvlt>>A. SETHNACHT [ALEXANDER HORNUNG]>>Hellbound, Eschaton, Glaciation, Flammenkvlt
G= Eschaton, Sanguis>>NECRODEATH/RAMBEER>>Eschaton, Sanguis – Azahel’s Fortress>>Azahel/Thonislav [Thomas]>>Azahel’s Fortress
B= Azahel’s Fortress, Sanguis>>Azahel/Thonislav [Thomas]>>Azahel’s Fortress, Sanguis– Philipp Finster
D= Eschaton>>Isbor – Todt & Deibel

Active since 1996, this Austria-based dark metal band has issued music intermittently ever since.

Morbid Rites Of Darkness was a 1998 demo. The Graveyard Desecration demo came in 2000. Alastor and Eschaton opened for Ancient in 2001. Anal Cult was a beauty and was issued in 2004. The band went on hiatus, but returned and Austria-based Ashen Productions signed the band. An album was taped in 2005 and issued in 2006. The band’s lyrics shifted from black metal to tales of forests and glaciers. Noble North was issued on the racist No Colours Records in the summer of 2007. Isbor was on drums here. Nothing transpired until the split release The Forbidden Fruit Of Purity with Tundra through Slava Satan records in 2012. The band recorded and released an EP called Cold landscapes in 2021.