Deep Exceed – 2010 – BrightStar
Determination – 2011 - BrightStar
District Zero – 2013 – BrightStar
Dazed And Delight – 2014 - BrightStar
Radiant A – 2015 – Village Again
Unlimited Diffusion – 2017 – Village Again

Aldious image
S= Area, Galdious>>Rami>>Raglaia, Solo – 推定少女, Skulls, Solo>>Re:No [Rino Nikaidou]>>Solo
G= Razfarby, Naoto Project, The Otome, Down Dope Squad>>YOSHI [YOSHIBA HOSHIZAKI]>>Naoto Project, The Otome, Down Dope Squad – Layla, Chemicaloid No 000>>TOKI
B= Galmet, The Otome>>SAWA>>Galmet, The Otome
D= Meteoric Force>>Aruto – MARINA BOZZIO

Hailing from Osaka Aldious was formed in 2008 by singer Rami and guitarist Yoshi who was born in Kobe. Guitarist Hime Ruki moved to Galmet at this point. Bassist Kaze was also removed in 2009. Bassist Sawa would leave too, but would re-join. Ironically, Sawa was also in Galmet. The band’s 2009 demo was called Dear Slave. No word whether the band was inspired by The Great Kat. A single called Defended Desire appeared in 2010. The band transported itself to the full-length realm in late 2010 with its Deep Exceed record. The album was issued courtesy of the BrightStar imprint of Spinning. Determination appeared in 2011. The year after delivered a DVD called Determination Tour 2011 ~Live at Shibuya O-EAST~. Shibuya refers to the Tokyo Central area best known for its youth culture. Singer Rami left citing health concerns. ‘Health issues’ is standard in Japan for leaving any band. Re:NO became the new vocalist in 2012. She was formerly of 推定少女, which was an idol (manufactured Japanese pop) act. Aruto left to pursue her marriage and family in 2014. Marina took over the drums in 2015. Another live video was issued in 2014. Village Again issued Radiant A in late 2015. This album featured the single Die For You, which showed a change of direction towards Avril Lavgine. The band had a DVD called Radiant A Live At O-EAST in late 2016. It was recorded in Tokyo. Risa ‘ Rin’ Sakamoto became the co-singer in 2019. Former Cyntia singer Saki was the other vocalist. Re:No had left citing a physical disorder in 2018. Toki announced a break from touring due to pregnancy. Ex-Destrose and Disqualia guitarist Narumi replaced Toki for the rest of the Evoke shows, as well as a trip to the USA to play at NAMM. Evoke 2010-2020 and Evoke II 2010-2020 were 2020 releases comprised of re-recorded songs with singer Rin (Sakamoto Risa) who is half Filipina. She duly left citing health concerns including depression in 2021. Singer Oyama Maki became the guest singer alongside Saki. The pandemic postponed the band’s 2020 European tour from March to October. Those were pushed to late 2021. The group was also booked for the Pure Rock Japan festival with Mardelas and others in Japan in 2021.

Down Dope Squad surprisingly was not the latest Miami ghetto rap band, but an all-girl covers’ band featuring Yoshi, Oyama Maki, former Lovebites bassist Miho and Hina (TSP) in 2022.

The band’s monicker was invented by singer Rami who combined the words ‘ultimate’ and ‘melodious.’ Interestingly, she had been in a previous band called Galdious, which had opened for Destrose. The band’s music regularly charts in Japan.