In Tenebra - 2006 - Fuel
Seven Steps Of Stone - 2009 - Fuel
Thanatos – 2016 – Buil2Kill

Aleph image
S= Dave Battaglia>>Dark Redeemer - E Trite Moira, Vermiis Prioratum>>Paolo Distefano>> Vermiis Prioratum
G= E Trite Moira, Soulphureus>>DAVE BATTAGLIA>>E Trite Moira, Soulphureus, Dark Redeemer - E Trite Moira>>Lorenzo Fuggaza>>E Trite Moira
D= E Trite Moira>>MANUEL 'NACHT' TOGNI>>E Trite Moira, Mortado, Mortuary Drape Moon Reverie, Dark Redeemer

Aleph - inspired by a novel by J.L. Borges - was founded in 1998 in the north of Italy by drummer Togni and singer and guitarist Fabio Bellan. The latter man was out soon. A demo called Falx Lunae appeared a year later. Promo 2002 was next. Guitarist Andrea Perucchini left in the summer of 2003. Fuggaza came in. The band signed with Fuel Records and issued its official debut album in 2006. This was released a year earlier as a demo. Aleph was the Metal Hammer new Italian band of the year in 2006. Several shows with Dismember followed. Paolo Distefano joined on vocals following album number two. Exhumed Alive was a 2017 EP. The band went the way of Donald Trump’s hair and Rocketellica’s integrity in 2018. The members moved on to Dark Redeemer.

The band and E Trite Moira were almost interchangeable, although the latter band’s brand of black metal soon disbanded. Aleph had opened for the likes of Dismember, Vision Divine and Necrodeath.


A mishmash of styles mostly converging around progressive, gothic and the noisy. Aleph has no qualms about being original, but the dissonant Italians are a long way from winning praise from this, or any serious metal, corner (naturally, the 8/10s will flow on free promo hungry websites). In Tenebra harbours a certain amount of interesting lyrics, but with the music flying, here, there and everywhere and the keyboards and pianos present there is little to like. The band takes Dream Theater, inserts the minimum number of requisite heavy riffs and lets loose a barrage of songs not exactly designed to do anything other than impress a certain jazzy ability... capability to churn.
Aleph needs to drop the pretence of being metal, streamline its offering, get a job at a night club playing jazz and fulfil its fantasies on that stage. - Ali “The Metallian”