Battleheart>>ALESTORM - UK

Captain Morgan’s Revenge - 2008 - Napalm
Black Sails At Midnight - 2009 - Napalm
Back Through Time - 2011 - Napalm
Sunset On The Golden Age – 2014 - Napalm
No Grave But The Sea – 2017 – Napalm
Curse Of The Crystal Coconut – 2020 - Napalm
Live In Tilburg – 2021 - Napalm

Alestorm image
S= Fröstskög, Perth, Gloryhammer, ASDFGFA, Solo>>CHRISTOPHER BOWES>>Fröstskög, Perth, Gloryhammer, ASDFGFA, Solo
G= Gavin Harper - DANI EVANS – Lost Sumphony, Overload, Wisdom>>MATE BODOR
B= Dani Evans – Unchained, Runecaster, Dorchadas, Drakonis>>GARETH MURDOCK>>Dorchadas, Drakonis
D= Catharsis>>Ian Wilson - Catharsis>>Ian Wilson – Unchained, Runecaster>>PETER ALCORN
K= Christopher Bowes – Ravenage, Sleepless Swans, Windrider>>ELLIOT VERNON>>Ravenage, Sleepless Swans, Windrider

The True Scottish Pirate Metal band from Perth was formed in 2007 and within a year issued its debut on the Austrian label, Napalm Records. The group was actually a metamorphosis of Battleheart and indeed recorded a single in 2008, called Heavy Metal Pirates, featuring a Battleheart song. Ian Wilson left following the debut claiming a lack of time and was replaced by Alex Tabisz, but returned within a year. Gavin Harper decamped to Finland. The group performed at Wacken in 2008 and shot some footage that appeared with some editions of the band’s next full-length. An EP called Leviathan arrived in January of 2009 and was followed by a full-length in May. The band was picked to tour North America with Kamelot for the summer of 2011.

Gloryhammer was a new 2012 project featuring Alestorm’s Christopher Bowes. The band’s debut album, Tales From The Kingdom Of Fife narrated an alternate history of medieval Scotland with magic and sorcery. The album was being recorded at LSD Studios in Germany and was due in late 2012. The Treasure Chest EP preceded the coconut album. Live In Tilburg was a CD and DVD and issued in May 2021.

The band likes to get up in pirate outfits.


Pirate Metal, aaarrgh...however the sight of a singer holding a handheld keyboard immediately turns off the metal and indeed the pirate image. Of course, the band name doesn’t conjure up anything serious either. Running Wild is the first immediate impression as this pirate thing has, of course, been done before. Musically, Alestorm sound like, sometimes without much melody, German metal, with keyboards filling the sound a bit too much sometimes. Lyrically, Captain Morgan and the search for treasures are naturally a constant theme. The title track also sounds like Europe for a few seconds and, while mostly heavy metal, is an indication of the range that Alestorm travel musically. Starting on the fourth song, Nancy The Tavern Wench, this promo has voice-overs in another pointless attempt by the labels to limit piracy. Death Before The Mast and Terror On The High Seas manage to either remain heavy or pick up the pace and do their part to enhance the metal content on Captain Morgan’s Revenge. The latter, in particular, moves into speedy heavy metal territory for stretches. Set Sail And Conquer does not scale the heights of the preceding songs and neither does the drunken pub song Of Treasure. Wenches & Mead is by now a typical mix of heavy and sometimes out of place keyboards that even includes an Accordion at one point. Flower Of Scotland closes Captain Morgan’s Revenge sounding like an anthem sung by a bunch of not so sober Scots. - Anna Tergel