Oimai Algaion - 1995 - Full Moon
General Enmity - 1997 - Wounded Love
Exthros - 2009 - Pulverised

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Abemal, Abyss, Hypocrisy, Pain, Morifade>>MATHIAS KAMIJO>>Abyss, Hypocrisy, Pain, Morifade, Prime Creation - Vegelmer>>Tobias Leffler>>Vegelmer, Nephenzy Chaos Order

Abemal, Abyss, Hypocrisy>>MATHIAS KAMIJO>>Abyss, Hypocrisy

Erik Krona [Clay Allison] - Satanic Slaughter, Höst, Corporation 187>>ROBERT ENG

History & Biography
Before a 1996 EP featuring Peter Tagtgren and entitled Vox Clamentis on Wounded Love Records, Algaion signed with Fullmoon and recorded its debut. The band being a two-piece comprised of Kamijo and Bjorkman at this time, obtained some help from Kamijo's girlfriend, Fredrik Soderlund of Octinomos, Nattfursth of Sorhin and a drum machine. On a side note, on a visit to Emperor in Norway some band members took several photos of the church burnt by the Norwegian Satanists. The act got them a visit by the police, while one of the photos landed in the Absurd CD booklet. Album number two was much slower and showed the band's newer direction. Algaion was the Temple of Pain and is a Satanic/xenophobic band.

Singer Mårten Björkman and guitarist Mathias Kamijo resurrected Algaion in the autumn of 2008 and were recording an album. Corporation 187’s Viktor Klint (guitar) and Robert Eng (drums) have joined as session members. The group signed with Pulverised Records. A resurrected Algaion picked Exthros (”˜Enemy’ in Greek) as the title for its third album, to be released through Pulverised Records. Exthros was recorded at Helltower Studio by Algaion drummer Robert Eng (Corporation 187) and mastered by Simon Söderberg at Mayfire Studio.