Meeting In The Mist - 2003 - Nuclear Blast
Through Painful Lanes – 2008 – Spiritual Beast

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Hemisphere, Avatar, Highlord, Secret Sphere, 6008 Days, Physical Noise>>Roberto ‘Ramon’ Messina>>Hemisphere, Secret Sphere, Physical Noise, 6008 Days, Physical Noise

Secret Of Dawn, Bineuronal>>ARNAUD MENARD>>Secret Of Dawn, Bineuronal, Scale Of Alkan - SEVERIN BONNEVILLE>>Scale Of Alkan

Denis Mellion>>Scale Of Alkan

Secret Sphere, Eternal Flight, Further Dimension>>ARNAUD GORBATY>>Eternal Flight, Further Dimension, Scale Of Alkan

History & Biography
This band was formed as Endless in 1992. It was not until 1998 that a stable line-up was achieved however. A debut demo was recorded in September, 1999 at NSR Studio. The demo was called A Path To Heaven. The demo was a winner of the month in the French edition of the Rock Hard Magazine.

Alkemyst recorded its Meeting In The Mist in 2001. Earlier the Frenchmen had recruited a singer from Italian hard rockers, Secret Sphere. Unfortunately, most of the recordings were accidentally erased and lost at the studio. The Frenchmen had no choice, but to re-record the material a year later. Following the recording the band set out to land a recording contract. A CD was sent out to Nuclear Blast Records, which quickly offered the band a contract. The Japanese version of the album preceded the international version by a month and featured an extra song. Alkemyst was also heard at the same time on the Metal Dreams Volume 5 sampler CD.

The group called it quit officially in 2014, but that in itself came after an inactive period. The group duly returned in 2016. Arnaud Ménard, who had become a vocal coach, was also singing. Denis Mellion departed however. Riding The Open Sea was uploaded in late 2017. Where I Belong was an upload in 2018. The band submitted to its inactivity and disbanded in 2022. Four members, and guitarist Sylvain Félix, founded a new act called Scale Of Alkan in 2022.