Sarcoma – 2021 – Nuclear Blast

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Pyrexia, The Merciless Concept>>KEVIN MULLER>>The Merciless Concept

The Faceless, Glass Casket, Black Crown Initiate, Devin Townsend>>WES HAUCH>>Glass Casket, Black Crown Initiate, Devin Townsend

Entheos>>TIM WALKER>>Entheos

Astral Blood, Amiensus, The Zenith Passage, Aetheric, Sarasvati, Aegaeon>>Matthew Paulazzo>>Sarasvati, Aegaeon,, The Zenith Passage - ZACH DEAN

History & Biography
This band was founded as a Portland, Oregon-based instrumental act in 2016. The band shifted to Georgia. The Deep Longing For Annihilation was a 2017 demo. Guitarist Keith Merrow left in 2018. Alluvial signed with Nuclear Blast Records in 2021 and issued an album called Sarcoma on May 28th. The group was touring the USA with Rivers Of Nihil and Fallujah in 2022.

The act started 2023 by touring with Revocation, Goatwhore and Creeping Death. The band was touring North America with Intervals and Tesseract in the summer. it also played several headlining concerts of its own. The band announced a 2024 EP, Death Is But A Door. Alluvial was booked for Milwaukee Metal Festival 2024. Archspire's Everything’s F#*!@D Tour of North America in the spring of 2024 featured Aborted, Canada-based deathcore act Carcosa and Alluvial

Alluvium is a mineral that is formed by or deposited by water.