Almah – 2006 – Rock Brigade
Fragile Equality – 2008 – AFM/Blistering
Motion – 2011 - AFM
Unfold – 2013 - Laser
E.V.O – 2016 - King

S= Symbols, Mitrium, Angra, Venus, Solo, Stardust Reverie>>EDU FALASCHI [EDUARDO VASCONCELLOS]>> Stardust Reverie, Angra, Venus, Solo
G= Edu Falaschi [Eduardo Vasconcellos]>>Solo – Darkwoods My Bethrothed, Nightwish>>Emppu Vuorinen>>Nightwish – Dark Avenger, Khalice>>MARCELO BARBOSA>>Khalice, Angra – Fear Ritual, Dies Irae>>Paulo Schroeber - Aquaria, Endless, Glory Opera, Psychoneurosis>>Gustavo Di Pádua – Dynahead>>DIOGO MAFRA>>Dynahead, Edu Falaschi
B= Stratovarius, Sinergy, Kotipelto, Warmen>>Laurri Porra>>Stratovarius, Sinergy, Kotipelto, Warmen – Metris, Di’Anno, Angra, Bittencourt Project>>Felipe Andreoli>>Angra, Bittencourt Project – Harmony, Navighator, Seven Hotizons>>RAFAEL DAFRAS>>Seven Horizons, Harmony, Navighator
D= Kamelot, Ian Parry>>Casey Grillo>>Kamelot, Ian Parry – Burning In Hell>>Marcelo Moreira>>Burning In Hell - PEDRO TINELLO>>Mythodea, Rec/All

Almah was conceived as the solo project of Eduardo Falaschi of Angra and indeed featured a number of known musicians guesting on the debut. The band was initiated once Angra went on hiatus due to management problems. More permanent members, including Angra’s Andreoli and Edu’s brother Tito who played live with the band, were added later. The band was heard on the All For Metal CD and DVD compilation in 2008. AFM Records announced that Motion, Almah’s third full-length album, would be available in North American on January 17th, 2012. Guitarist Paulo Schroeber left the band in mid-2012 "due to health problems." He was not part of the band’s recent shows. The band recruited bassist Raphael Dafras to start 2013. Almah has picked Unfold as the title for its next album, which was due later in 2013. The album was being recorded in São Paulo, Brazil's Do It! Studio owned by the new studio of Edu and Tito Falaschi.

Almah released Motion Playback Band, which was a version of 2011's "Motion, where every song has four backing tracks with one of the instruments or vocal part is missing.” Fans could now play along with the band. Almah was releasing a new album entitled E.V.O on September 23rd 2016 through Pride & Joy Music (EU), Test Your Metal (CA/MX/US) and King Records (Japan). Pedro Tinello and Diogo Mafra were now in the band. Five years following his departure from Angra, Edu Falaschi announced he would be performing songs from the band's catalogue as part of his newly launched solo career with plans to tour various countries. Falaschi released his solo album Moonlight in 2016 through Test Your Metal Records. The album was comprised of acoustic versions of songs of his career with Angra and Almah. The group disbanded in 2016.


Almah from Brazil is the type of so-called power metal that had its heyday at the turn of the century. Unfortunately for these guys keyboards is not metal, but no one has told them. Fragile Equality almost behaves like a false advertisement. The disc kicks off with a real metal song called Birds Of Prey, which establishes a good sound and impressive playing capability. Once the listener is impressed and hooked, the band yanks out the keyboards and the ballads beginning right after with Beyond Tomorrow. If the band knows that a real metal song without keyboards or crooning is strong why does it not maintain the reliability? The rest of the album is a derivative of Gamma Ray, Stratovarius and sadly ballads and even mallcore. The title track begins with a blatant attempt at reeling in the nü 12 years olds. Was it the label? Did the management pressure you, boys?
Fortunately for genuine metal mavens, there are bands out there that do not sell out their souls and play good music. Unfortunately, Almah could have been one of them, but gives away too much ground to count. You’ll Understand, in the album’s middle, is one of those songs that has good vocals, impressive bass and even better soloing and shows the band’s potential. That is why in the final calculation this album is even more disappointing. - Ali “The Metallian”