Fall, Ascension, Domination - 1994 - Cogumelo
Jachol Ve Tehila - 1994 - Cogumelo
Lucification - 2007 - Maléficas Produções
Leviathan Destroyer – 2010 – Cogumelo
Chri$t Worldwide Corporation – 2014 - Cogumelo
Under The Whip And The Crown – 2018 - mutilation

Amen Corner image
S= Infernal>>Sucoth Benoth [Luis Marcelo Grande]>>Camos, Dark Songs Of Megiddo - Doomsday Ceremony, Pillars Of Empire>>Lokiam Satanas War Comander>>Pillars Of Empire – Infernal, Camos, Dark Songs Of Megiddo>>SUCOTH BENOTH [LUIS MARCELO GRANDE]>>Dark Songs Of Megiddo
G= Total War Naberus Erthal [Israel Erthal]>>Bullet Course – MURMÚRIO – Pillars Of Empire, Aqueronte>>Mortum>>Pillars Of Empire, Aqueronte
B= Solfieri – Aqueronte>>Nocturnal Alastor Demon [Almir Moraes]>>Aqueronte, Bloqueio Mental – Evilwar, Alocer>>Shaitan [Tony]>>Alocer, Doomsday Ceremony – Infernal, Syphor>>Covero Augusta
D= Doomsday Ceremony, Pillars Of Empire>>Danda Diabolicum Imperatus [Brito Anderson]>>Pillars Of Empire, Blackmass, Archityrants – War Master [Crystano Bigaiski] – TENEBRAE AARSETH

The group was formed in 1992, the Eternal Prophecies demo became the Amen Corner EP and also issued a demo called The Final Celebration was reissued in 1994. This is a white metal band from Brazil that is wrongly often called black metal. Darken In Quir Haresete was a 1999 EP. Benoth left in 2000, but returned in 2008. The band reappeared in 2007 with a new album. Solfieri left in 2008. War master entered for four years, left and rejoined in 2015. He left again in 2018. Mortum entered in 2008, left in 2009, re-entered in 2011 and left in 2015. Tenebrae joined on drums in 2018. She is married to Benoth. Bassist Fernando replaced Covero in 2020.

Impaled Records of Sao Paulo issued a tribute to Amen Corner in 2013.



Amen Corner