Last Of A Dying Breed - 2000 - Outlaw
Red, White, Black & Blue - 2002 - Outlaw
Scars-n-Bars - 2005 - Outlaw
Hard - 2007 - Bad Reputation
Hard On The Road - 2008 - Bad Reputation
Mean - 2009 - Bad Reputation
Poison Smile - 2012 - Colonial Canine

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Salty Dog, Lust, Dangerous Toys, Hilljack, Bogus Toms>>MICHAEL HANNON


Salty Dog, Dangerous Toys, Hilljack, Bogus Toms>>MICHAEL HANNON

American Steel, Hilljack>>Keith Pickens - MICHAEL HARRIS

History & Biography
American Dog is a self-styled "redneck" band from Ohio, USA based around former Dangerous Toys and Salty Dog bassist Hannon. The songs are mostly about alcohol and make a conscious effort to be politically incorrect.

The band supported the debut by opening for Motorhead and Nashville Pussy. In January of 2002 Theado was hit by a car while changing a flat tire. A fundraiser was held that April to assist Theado. Theado managed to perform on a wheelchair!

The band's live EP of 2002, 6 Pack: Songs About Drinkin' & Fuckin' was licensed to Axe Killer for Europe. An independent CD called Foamin' At The Mouth - Live! was issued in late 2005. The band also appeared on a Motörhead tribute disc with the song Rock It and managed to tour Europe in the spring. American Dog’s Poison Smile would be released on June 6th through Colonial Canine in USA and Bad Reputation in Europe.


This band sure paints an image, doesn't it? American Dog's album is called Last Of A Dying Breed and is issued on Outlaw Entertainment. Never mind that Outlaw is a Canadian label. Remember Jackyl? Well these rednecks resemble those Grammy wanna-bes, except where Jackyl was mostly a product of AC/DC, this mutt is into Southern Rock. The songs are about (and performed as) drunkards. It would be a gross injustice were not every last American hillbilly exposed to this band. It would be as if Mosciah would finally come and someone would not tell the the rabbi. Steve Theado, Keith Pickens and ex-Dangerous Toys man Michael Hannon also treat the fans to Angel City and Twisted Sister cover versions and in order to make it a round ten songs throw in a live track too. It's a barroom blitz!!!

American dog. The name says it all. And the title isn't far behind either. Imagine Molly Hatchet, then think Jackyl, also let your mind wander over to Ted Nugent, add a good dose of redneck riff raff roughage and voila! Recorded live in 2001 "with a few of our closest friends" songs like D-N-F (Let's All Get Drunk & Fuck Tonight), Drinkin' About You and Too Damn Sober certainly do not hide the band's intentions. There is not much to analyze here, it's all barroom brawlin boozin bastard boogie. One wonders why they did not call the EP Son's Abou' Drinkin' & Fuckin' instead!

Last we came across American Dog the mutt was an affable southern rock/hard rock cross with flees to spare. A couple of human years down the dusty road and the studs are at it again, albeit a little bit less sleazy and a little bit more relaxed than previously. The band is still strumming them barroom boogie with comparisons to Ted Nugent, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Guns 'N Roses. The difference is that as the boys wind their way down the truck route Michael Hannon is emphasizing his instruments over his vocals. The blue collared band's maturity wont temper its appeal to the red necks of society though. Listen to the hard rocking riff mixed with a Beastie Boys melody on the opener Workin' Man, the apparent Iron Maiden influence on Burnin' Yesterday or the sliding six string grabbing hold of the listener on Got You By A Chain. One cannot but think how appropriate it would be for American Dog and Fat Nancy to tour hand in hand down the southern states sounding groovy, barsy, ballsy and bluesy. Fans of everything from AC/DC and Jackyll to southern rock, you know what to do. - Ali "The Metallian"

Here is a concept that is scaring club and live venue owners everywhere. American Dog has recorded its live album not at a club, but at its regular recording studio. The group has invited eighty fans into Schwab Studio and bashed together its alcohol-fuelled hard rock into 14 tracks of gritty hard rock. It is loud, and no doubt sweaty, when the red neck metal hits the fan, but the band does it well. It is second nature probably. It is well done, but not well selling enough for the band to have a label and so the band was forced foam at the mouth at its own expense for this disc. So if you would like to assist with the expenses and also listen to songs like D-N-D or D-N-F (your first guess is probably accurate) hop over to or email for the disc. Expect a few extended solos and looser versions than the studio original too. - Ali "The Metallian"


American Dog