The Shining Trapezohedron - 1993 - Book 9
Shemhamforash - 1996 - Witchhunt

Amon image
S= Dorian Nellen - LOTHAR>>Mors Amara

G= Reto Jäger - DAN B. ZAHED

B= Dorian Nellen - Satorius>>Helvete, Mountain King

D= Messiah, Gezeiten>>PETE SCHULER>>Gezeiten

History & Biography
With song titles like Into The Black Order and Lucifer Dwells Within there is little disagreement as this band's direction. To make matters clearer the band ran an organization called The Black Order Of Lucifer.

Amon was formed in 1991 and supposedly had roots long enough in the metal scene to have helped assemble Hell Hammer's spiked armbands! With a knack for great photo shots, the band opened for Suffocation, Deicide (formerly Amon) and Pyogenesis among others. The band also participated in a Swiss Television report on Satanism. The group disbanded in 1998.