Dreams - 1999 - Blackend

Amsvartner image
S= Purgatorium, Disorge>>MARCUS JOHANSSON>>Disorge, Invader, Dead End

G= Auberon>>JONATHON HOLMGREN>>Auberon, Invader, Dead End - Daniel Nyhaard


D= ALFRED JOHANSSON>>Invader, Dead End

History & Biography
Another black metal band from Scandinavia beginning 1993, Amsvartner (a Norse mythological lake) members obtained a deal in their teens and recorded an EP for Metal Blade called The Trollish Mirror. Guitarist Daniel Nygaard had joined in 1994. A Demo I and Underneath The Thousand Years Gate had preceded the deal. Daniel left after playing two concerts supporting the full-length and in came Kalle Lundin who was a friend of the twins. The act disbanded in 2002. Mikko Savela was the second guitarist at that time.

Albin and Alfred are twins, Marcus is their older brother and the band was from Umea in the north. The members regrouped in Dead End in 2008.


Formed in 1993 in Sweden, the Umea boys have already one EP to their name, 97's The Trollish Mirror. Issuing label makes a lot out of the fact that the band is original and for once I am bound to agree with the bio. supplied with the music. Amsvartner, you see, while certainly using ideas from many fields do demonstrate a knack for following original patterns and arrangements unique to the quintet. But what do they sound like? For one, for the most part, this is death metal. Songs like The Predator, Ada (with its drawn Morbid Angel-ish riff) and Dreams (a fantastic mix of heaviness and feeling) certainly prove that. But the band go on to mix some funky bass into their metal (the oddly-titled Funkyman) or go as far as do a softer jazz mix on Sleep. It might sound confused, but the band's convincing musicianship is such that one gets the feeling that both straightforward metallers and the more adventurous fans can get into this. If you like Morbid Angel, At The Gates, Anacrusis or older Sentenced then this is one to look into. - Ali "The Metallian"