Demoniac Flagellations - 2004 – Displeased
Depravation – 2007 – From Beyond
Gathering Of The Putrid Demons – 2009 – BlackSeed
Peste Negra, Merte Negra – 2015 – Icarus
Peste Negra Live Milan – Italia – 2020 – Tanatofobia

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Roy Noizer [Roy Elguera] - Solo, Tenebrion>>JANO "EVIL PRIEST" ALFARO>>Solo, Tenebrion - Agresión Extrema>>Manfred Beingolea

Neuroparalya, Saram, Leprosy Bitch, Violentor>>ROY NOIZER [ROY ELGUERA]>>Leprosy Bitch, Violentor – Manuel Nihil Soldier - Rito Profanatorio, Tenebrion>>JANO "EVIL PRIEST" ALFARO>>Rito Profanatorio, Tenebrion

Possessor [Emilio Urbay] - Epilepsia>>Manfred Beingolea>>Epilepsia

Niebla, Hadez, Sarcoma, Necrofucker>>Tonyn "Destructor" Amador [Antonio Laiz]>>Sarcoma, Necrofucker, Morbosatan, Papagu – Desvirginzagole, Two Face Sinner, Raped By Pigs, Crownless, Apocryphus, Putrid>>JOE HOYLE>>Desvirginzagole, Two Face Sinner, Raped By Pigs, Crownless, Apocryphus, Putrid

History & Biography
Anal Vomit thrust forth in the year 2002 in Lima, Peru and soon began giving live shows and issued a demo called Pregnancy Rotten Masturbator in 1993. Members came and members went until the band issued a second demo called Welcome To The Slow Putrefaction in 1995. The band's founding drummer - himself formerly of Hadez - changed more members and the band's style changed a bit as well. The new line-up recorded a demo called Into The Eternal Agony in 1997. The following year had the band appear on a three-way split CD with Argentina's Carnarium and Paraguay's Funeral courtesy of the Hurling Metal label of Argentina. The disc was appropriately called Sudamerica Brutal. The band's next release was a 7" EP courtesy of France's Legion Of Death Records which was called From Peruvian Hell and appeared in 2002. 2004 brought a new member called Nihil Soldier, a split-CD with Goat Semen called Devotos Del Diabolo and the band's first full-length CD courtesy of Displeased Records. The vinyl version was limited to 666 copies. This album title was originally meant for a release in 2000 through another label called Plasmatica Records.

Past several split releases, an album called Peste Negra Live Milan – Italia was recorded in Italy in 2018. A 2021 single was called Graveless Dead and issued by Blasphemous Art Productions of Italy. A tour of Europe with Demiurgon for the summer of 2022 was cancelled. The band claimed Lufthansa had cancelled its flight and pushed it to December, which was two months later! Back On Black released the Demoniac Flagellations/Depravation in 2023.


Purveyors of impudent extremism in art need look no further than Peru's underground wunderkind, Anal Vomit. The band's advanced excesses run the entire spectrum. Be it the band's monicker, album title, cover artwork depicting the goat lord pleasing unclothed nuns, the samples, song titles like Seed Of Evil or Signo De La Bestia and, of course, the musical output the quartet takes the influences of Chakal, Mutilator, early Sepultura, Sarcofago and Venom to its evil heart and delivers acutely non-commercial black death metal. It is safe to say that this album does not have the highest of production values, but who would expect such a thing from a band calling itself Anal Vomit? Regardless, it good to see that someone, somewhere upholds the true definition of underground death and black metal. - Ali "The Metallian"


Anal Vomit