The Infernal Depth Of Hatred - 1998 - Season Of Mist
Dreams Of Death And Dismay - 2001 - Season Of Mist
Under A Stone With No Inscription - 2004 - Wicked World/Earache
The Conductor's Departure - 2006 - Earache

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Immemoreal, RotInjected>>FREDRIK SCHÄLIN>>RotInjected, Immemoreal

RotInjected>>FREDRIK SCHÄLIN>> RotInjected - RotInjected>>Andreas Allenmark>>Rotinjected, Cipher System, Exhale, The Weakening

RotInjected>>HENRIK DRAKE>>RotInjected

Robert Petersson - Beseech, Revengia, RotInjected, Trendkill, One Step Beyond, Evocation, Eternal Lies, Bleed For Me, From North>>CONNY PETTERSSON>>RotInjected, Trendkill, One Step Beyond, Evocation, Eternal Lies, Bleed For Me, From North

History & Biography
Formed as a deathrash band by drummer Petersson, guitarist/singer Schalin and guitarist Mattias Svensson and bassist Sjostrand in Varberg in 1993, it was not until two years later that the band released a demo and played with the likes of Beseech and Dissection. Anata's first demo, Bury Forever The Garden Of Lie, was recorded in June, 1995. After a 1997 demo called Vast Lands Of My Infernal Dominion and a couple of line-up shuffles (Svensson left in 1996), the band got a deal and recorded its debut. The band played death metal and thrash metal, but with an array of influences. The monicker meant nothing.

Rotinjected was a side-project in which all band members participate.

The band broke off from Season Of Mist in 2002 and joined Earache Records. The band's third album, was initially due in late 2003, but eventually appeared in 2004. Wicked World/Earache, however, dropped the band after 2006's The Conductor's Departure.

Pettersson joined Evocation in 2014. Pettersson joined Viking band From North in 2023. This featured early guitarist Svensson as well. The group was recording again.


Here comes something a little different courtesy of Earache's Wicked World imprint. Sweden's Anata is thrash metal's answer to Cannibal Corpse and early Monstrosity. The band is actually the death/thrash answer to the two American acts, but saying 'death/thrash' just doesn't have the same hook as just saying 'thrash!'
The Swedes are actually more diverse than that description suggests, incorporating death, thrash and even some grinding; and more importantly stay the hell away from wimpy passages into compatriotic areas of In Flames, Soilwork et al. The band has different vocal styles, a semi-technical approach, loads of intricate guitar parts and modules that take one back to Florida, be it the rhythms of Monstrosity or the voice of Cannibal Corpse. On the adverse side, the band's drummer has the tendency to cut the songs to shreds and the overall sound is too treble for this writer's tastes. All in all though, Anata is a serious metal band with enough speed, heaviness and complexity to assuage the demands of most metal fans. - Ali "The Metallian"