Dissected Humanity – 2005 - Necroharmonic
Dissected Alive – 2009 - H.M.S.S.
Decaying In Obscurity – 2012 - Nuclear War Now!
Cranial Obsession – 2017 - Nuclear War Now!
Corporeal Torment – 2021 - Dark Descent

S= Sadondeth>>JUN TONOSAKI – Transgressor, Necrophile, Wormridden>>TAKASHI TANAKA
G= Necro-E, Transgressor>>Yoshio Hasegawa>>Necro-E – Massdemise, Sunggodess, Reexamine>>Yukiyasu Fukaya
B= Sadondeth, Spiral Wheel>>JUN TONOSAKI>>Spiral Wheel
D= Waco Jesus, Transgressor, Necrophile, Wormridden>>TAKASHI TANAKA
K= Kaori Gutunlama

The Tokyo-based band was founded in 2002. The Demo 2003 followed. The debut album came in 2005. A split for Anatomia, Grudge and Coffins came in 2007. Nuclear War Now! Productions issued Anatomia’s Carnal Obsession DLP at the end of 2017. Fukaya left in 2018. Mausoleum and Anatomia had a split record first at the end of 2020 and through Horror Pain Gore Death in early 2021.

The band was the follow-up to Transgressor. Anatomia issues split releases on a regular basis. These include ones with Necrovorous, Interment, Sex Messiah and Bilepuscess.