Under Moonlight We Kiss - 1997 - Cacophonous
Fallen Angel's Symphony - 1999 - Cacophonous
Synagoga Diabolica - 2000 - Alister
The Third Testament - 2002 - Trisol

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Christian Anderle – Sinergy, Lordi>>Erna Siikavirta>>Lordi, Arthemesia, Deathlike Silence - Cynthia Schilz

F J Krebs - Dirk Wirz - Beyond Serenity>>Marc Barbian - PATRICK MEYER>>Bitter Atonement, PaJaMe

Ralf Gessinger - Frank Simon - MEYER JONES

Christoph Mertes - Achim Mattes - MANUEL STEITZ>>Agathodaimon, The Spirit

Stefan Müller - CHRISTOPH RATH

History & Biography
The band was formed in 1991 and released a demo called Where Serpents Reign in 1993. One independent EP later and the gothic/brutal band was off to the races. The band had seen a complete line-up overhaul and was likely not to continue much beyond the year 2000. A 2000 headlining show by Ancient Ceremony in the city of Hodonin in the Czech Republic was unceremoniously cancelled by civic officials on the 11th of November. The band planned to be back to play in the city in 2000. The group lost its equipment in a rehearsal room fire in 2001. The band was planning to replace the gear quickly, as they were preparing for album number three. Ancient Ceremony instead signed to Germany's Trisol Records and issued its next album The Third Testament in January of 2002. The Germans managed to get into the news in the autumn of 2003, claiming they were being threatened with legal action by that country's Catholic church. The Church wanted the band to remove its blasphemous images from its website. Irond Records released an EP called P.uritan's B.lasphemy C.all in 2005. Drummer Manuel Steitz joined Agathodaimon in 2008.



Ancient Ceremony