Astrolabe In Your Heart – 2010 – Black-Listed
Akashic – 2012 – Black-Listed
Aberration – 2016 – Fastball
ArcheoNyx – 2021 - Repentless

S= Codename:Wingless>>MICHAL [ERIKA ISHIDA]>>Codename:Wingless
G= LamentGlace>>Yuri>>LamentGlace, Angels' Temptation – Valthus, AxBites, Adereds, Veiled In Scarlet>>Izo [Isao Kiyokiba]>>Valthus, AxBites, Adereds, Veiled In Scarlet, Solo - The Genius Orchestration, MetalBastard>>KOHEI IYODA>>The Genius Orchestration, MetalBastard
B= LamentGlace>>Naoki>>LamentGlace
D= LamentGlace>>Mittu>>LamentGlace – Knights Of Round>>Juhki>>Knights Of Round, Thousand Eyes – Voice Of Divine Children>>Pepe>>Asura - SHIBUKI
K= Syacho>>Rocket Queen – ShallowTail>>Puzzy [Yuki Iraka]>>Early Cross – Ethereal Sin>>HAL [IKEDA YASUHARU]>>Ethereal Sin

Tokyo-based pomp rock band Ancient Myth came together by Mittu and his class-mates in 2002. An early self-titled demo featured singer Captain, guitarists 3CH and Yousuke, bassist Take and drummer Mittu in 2004. Black-Listed signed the band and issued the Antibes EP in 2005. The band was featured on Samurai Metal Vol. 1 compilation. Antibes is a city in Southern France.

Several demos followed and the band ended up on the Trilogy Of Fate record with Knights Of Round and Skywings on the occasion of the acts’ concert. Adrastea and Ancient Myth also played in both Nagoya and Tokyo. Astrolabe In Your Heart featured one of Metallian Towers’ serfs on its cover. Yuri left in 2012. Aberration came in several versions, languages and with different artwork. The band performed at the Metal Female Voices Fest XIII in Belgium in October 2016. This was the group’s first foray outside Japan. The band played in South Korea and China and toured Europe with Temperance and Overtures in 2017. The band went on hiatus in 2017, but returned a year later. The line-up was once again turned over by the time ArcheoNyx was issued. Ancient Myth released an EP called Ambrosian Blood, which was tagged with a bonus DVD, in 2021.

Codename:Wingless is a goth band. Michal is the band’s mainstay, but is not an original member having joined in 2008 either meaning that none of the founding membership remains.



Ancient Myth