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Bud Blues Band, Strana Officina, Bud Tribe, The NightComers>>DANIELE "BUD" ANCILLOTTI>>Strana Officina, Bud Tribe, The NightComers

Wyvern, Strana Officina, Listeria>>LUCIANO "CIANO" TOSCANI>>Strana Officina, Listeria

Acquaraggia, Bud Tribe>>SANDRO "BID" ANCILLOTTI>>Bud Tribe

Bud Tribe, Rayden, Junkie Dildoz, Shabby Trick>>Brian Ancillotti>>Bud Tribe, Rayden, Junkie Dildoz, Shabby Trick

History & Biography
Active since 2010, Ancillotti, as the name signifies, is a family affair. The act was Daniele "Bud" Ancillotti, his brother Sandro "Bid" Ancillotti and the former’s son, Mr. Brian Ancillotti. Brian Ancillotti left and so the Ancillottis were down to two.

Down This Road Together was a 2012 demo. The band opened for Uriah Heep, Grim Reaper and Uli Jon Roth. Pure Steel released the band’s debut album. There was a video for the song Bang Your Head. The band opened for Tygers Of Pan Tang. The Warriors Revenge tour of 2022/2023 (postponed due to the pandemic initially) also took the band through Belgium’s Thunder Metal Fest. The act was booked for the Luppolo In Rock festival in 2023. The band recruited drummer Francesco Jovino (Accept, UDO, Primal Fear, etc.) to replace departed member Brian Ancillotti in 2024. His departure was due to the traditional “personal reasons.”

Bud Tribe is also a heavy metal band.