Extension Of The Wish - 2001 - War Music
II=I - 2003 - Haven
Chimera - 2006 - Massacre
The Immunity Zone - 2008 - Nightmare
Playing Off The Board - 2009 - Metal Mind
Manifest Tyranny - 2011 - Inner Wound

Andromeda image
Darkane>>Lawrence Mackrory>>F.K.O, Forcefeed, Seethings, Scarve - Space Odyssey, Constancia>>DAVID FREMBERG>>Constancia

NonExist, Time Requiem, Faithful Darkness, Dark Tranquillity>>JOHAN REINHOLDZ>>NonExist, Time Requiem, Faithful Darkness, Dark Tranquillity

Gert Daun - NonExist, Time Requiem>>Johan Reinholdz>>NonExist, Time Requiem - Fabian Gustavsson - The Codex, Mr Gul, Edge Of A Circle, Mister Kite, Costancia>>LINUS ABRAHAMSON>>The Codex, Mr Gul, Edge Of A Circle, Mister Kite, Costancia

Embraced, Ominous>>THOMAS LEJON>>Embraced, Ominous

Evergrey>>MARTIN HEDIN>>Evergrey

History & Biography
The band's sound might not be as distant as the celestial Andromeda, but the Swedes certainly are a progressive band whose sound is rarely conventional. With their virtuoso guitarist and a borrowed vocalist (now replaced by David Femberg) who joined the line-up as a session guest, through the label, Andromeda released Extension Of The Wish through the more death/black-oriented War Music. Andromeda announced the addition of bassist Fabian Gustavsson in the summer of 2003. He replaced Jakob Tanentsapf.

Massacre Records issued the band’s third album in January, 2006. The band’s Playing off The Board DVD was available through Metal Mind Productions in April, 2007. Andromeda signed with America’s Nightmare Records in the summer of 2008. The band’s The Immunity Zone album was out just prior to the band’s show at ProgPower show. Metal Mind Productions was issuing Playing Off The Board by Sweden’s Andromeda in 2009. The live album featured a live performance recorded at the Wyspianski Theater, Poland in the autumn of 2006. The band was promoting its most recent album at the time, Chimera.

Sweden’s Andromeda signed a deal with Inner Wound Recordings in the summer of 2011. The band’s next album was due in December. Inner Wound Recordings was re-releasing early Andromeda albums II = I and Chimera in 2014. Both albums were remastered and featured new liner notes written by Andromeda guitar player Johan Reinholdz. The Live In Vietnam video of 2016 featured footage from Vietnam and the UK.


With II=I Sweden's Andromeda out-Inside Out's, the entire Inside Out Music roster! This is a complicated album indeed, but one thing that is simple to figure out is that this sophomore effort of the progressive rockers is unlike the band's debut. Never mind the album's title. Overtly technical, II=I has many long instrumental passages where free-form music flies into all four dimensions. Indeed the spacey prog. of Andromeda is quite a showcase for extreme instrumentation, but there is only so much of the disjointed note-o-rama one can take before the universe begins to fold unto itself. Much of the material here is the band's own. Having said that, instances of music inspired by Rush, Dream Theater and even Obliveon (the first notes of Reaching Deep Within for example) can be heard on the album. II=I is strictly recommended to fans of extremely complex instrumentation. - Ali "The Metallian"