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The Angels - 1977 - Albert
Face To Face - 1978 - Albert
No Exit - 1979 - Albert
Dark Room -1980 - Epic
Night Attack - 1981 - Epic
Watch The End - 1983 - Epic
Two Minute Warning - 1984 - MCA
Howling - 1986 - MCA
Liveline - 1987 - MCA
Live From Angel City - 1988 - MCA
Beyond Salvation - 1989 - MCA
Red Back Fever - 1991 - Mushroom
Evidence - 1994 - Mushroom
Skin & Bone - 1998 - Shock

Angel City/The Angels image
S= Doc Neeson’s Angels, Red Phoenix>>Doc Neeson>>Doc Neeson’s Angels, Red Phoenix

G= John Brewster>>The Bombers, The Party Boys - The Brewsters>>RICK BREWSTER>>The Brewsters - Finch, Skyhooks>>Bob Spencer - The Bombers, The Party Boys, The Brewsters>>JOHN BREWSTER>>The Brewsters

B= Headband, Red Angel Panic>>Chris Bailey - Jim Hilbun

D= Buzz Throckmann [Graham Bidstrup]>>Ganggajang, The Party Boys - Citizen Band>>Brent Eccles

History & Biography
Guitarist brothers John and Rick Brewster (the latter originally a drummer) founded the band in Adelaide, Australia in 1970 initially as a folk band and later renamed and restyled as a hard 'n' heavy boogie band. They recruited Irish singer/bassist Neeson, although he would soon abandon the bass guitar. The band was soon signed by AC/DC's management and subsequently toured with AC/DC in 1977. The group had moved to Sydney after some encouragement by AC/DC. The band's management was later taken over by drummer Eccles. Eccles himself only joined the band in 1981.

After much domestic success for their first two records, Epic Records brought the band to America where the band had to change monickers to avoid confusion with Angel from the city of angels, Los Angeles. The band was henceforth known as Angel City in North America and The Angels elsewhere. The label reissued the band's earlier albums for the international market and the Aussies toured with Cheap Trick. Cheap Trick was to later support the band in Australia where the act had long been one of the most popular live bands.

In the midst of this surge, John Brewster left the fold in 1986 and was replaced by Bob Spencer. The band split late in 1990 after a prophetic album. They soon returned however.

John returned to the band in 1993 and in turn replaced Spencer. Still, the band issued a press release in 1995 announcing the impending tour as marking the band's farewell. It was not.

The band had to lay the monicker to rest in 2001 when Doc Neeson became so ill following an accident that he had to stop performing for good. Neeson's definitive departure was announced in Australian magazine New Idea - something that surprised the rest of the band.

The band had been a chart-topping act in Australia and had been influential on Guns N’ Roses, Great White, The Cult and others.

Shock Records issued a four CD box-set of the band in 2002 featuring Darkroom, Night Attack, Watch The Red and various rare material.

Beginning in 2003 the band commenced touring Australia again. The line-up featured the Brewster brothers (who simultaneously slugged it out in The Brewsters), Graham Bidstrup on drums and bassist Chris Bailey. This reunion of the original line-up featured John Brewster on vocals. Doc returned and lead the Doc Neeson’s Angels in 2003, which predictably lead to a legal fight. The fight was resolved when the line-up patched things up and regrouped with Neeson in 2008. Chris Bailey was on bass, while Buzz drummed.



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