Angel Witch - 1981 - Bronze
Screaming And Bleeding - 1985 - Killerwatt
Frontal Assault - 1986 - Killerwatt
Live - 1990 - Metal Blade
'82 Revisited - 1996 - IRS
Resurrection - 2000 - Crook'd
2000: Live At The LA2 - 2000 - Independent
As Above, So Below - 2012 - Metal Blade
Angel Of Light – 2019 – Metal Blade

Angel Witch image
S= Kevin Heybourne>>Blind Fury, Deep Machine - David Tattum - Blind Fury, Deep Machine>>KEVIN HEYBOURNE

G= Kevin Heybourne>>Blind Fury, Deep Machine - Grant Denison - Mick Taylor - Jon Torres - Blind Fury, Deep Machine>>KEVIN HEYBOURNE - Keith Herzberg – Teeth Of The Sea>>JIMMY MARTIN>>Teeth of The Sea

B= Jerry Cunningham - EF Band>>Kevin Riddles>>Tytan, Lion - Blind Fury>>Pete Gordelier - Jon Torres - Sons Of Eden, Violent Funky, Tygers Of Pan Tang>>RICHIE WICKS>>Tygers Of Pan Tang, Shadowkeep – Mourn, Sloth>>WILL PALMER

D= Dave Hogg - Dave Dufort>>Tytan - Ricky Bruce - Dexys Midnight Runners>>Spencer Hollman - Exodus>>Tom Hunting - Euphoria, Shadow Keep>>Scott Higham>>Euphoria, Shadow Keep - Winters>>Andy Prestrdige>>Winters – Abramis Brama, Count Raven, Witchcraft, Atlantic Tide, Noctum>>FREDRIK JANSSON>>Atlantic Tide, Noctum

History & Biography
The band was formed in 1977 as Lucifer and appeared on the Metal for Muthas sampler. While the band's debut is hailed by many as a NWOBHM classic, the constant break-ups and reformations must have taken their toll as the band never quite matched the charm of the debut. Angelwitch is clearly Black Sabbath-inspired and may well have been an inspiration for later doom metal bands. The band made rare live appearances on both sides of the Atlantic in 1989. Resurrection is a compilation of older recordings, yet the band's latest incarnation was supposed to stay put and record! Indeed the band played a live show at 2000's Wacken Festival. Instead, early 2002 brought the news that the band has again split up following Heybourne's decision to move to the USA. Higham was busied with Euphoria and Shadow Keep, while Wicks sang for a reformed Tygers Of Pan Tang! The band was heard from again the August of 2002 when the year 2000 line-up got back together supposedly inspired by the recent death of Samson front man Paul Samson. Former keyboardist/guitarist Myk Taylor died of cancer in 2003.

Angel Witch would release a new album, called As Above, So Below, on March 20th, 2012 through Metal Blade Records. In addition to Heybourne, the band was Palmer and Prestridge. Metal Blade Records signed Angel Witch in 2019. A new album was due in 2020, but would then instead be issued in November 2019 and be called Angel Of Light.

The act was booked for Sweden Rock Festival, Rock Imperium Festival 2023 and Old Grave Fest X in Romania.



Angel Witch