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History & Biography
Ex-Devastation bassist Alex Dominguez formed Anialator in 1986. The early singer was Marc Arispe. The Texas, USA-based band released an EP and a picture disc (1989) in the late eighties (the former on Wild Rags) before changing names. Marc Arispe died in an accident in 2010. The band returned in 2015. Tony Gomez (Black Lung Conspiracy and Fist Full Of Metal) was on vocals as of 2016. The band appeared at the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Fest in 2016. The act also opened for Entombed A.D. Gomez left. Joe Dan De La Rosa (a.k.a. J.D. De La Rosa, who was in Hexella with his wife, joined in guitar in 2018.

The band, which was formed in 1986, had an EP called Rise To Supremacy through Xtreem Music in 2018. The act disbanded in 2021 or not. Mark Olivio claimed to hold the keys to Anialator and had his own incarnation. Gomez re-joined on vocals.