Suffocated – 2017 - Sliptrick

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S= Hollow Haze, Chrome Steel, Bad Steel, Crying Steel>>ROCK RAMON [ALESSANDRO SONATO]>>Crying Steel, Chrome Steel, Bad Steel
G= Dirty Fingers>>RICCARDO MENINI>>Dirty Fingers - Ground Control>>Giovanni Scardoni
B= Evil Fate, Skanners>>TOMAS VALENTINI>>Evil Fate, Skanners
D= Median, Alcstones>>CRISTIAN "BONA" BONAMINI>>Alcstones

Sonato and Valentini founded this Italy-based band in June 2015. The 2017 album was initially a demo. Francesco Gambarini replaced Scardoni in 2018. Italy-based Animae Silentes announced in March 2020 that the band had gone on hiatus until further notice.


Suffocated is these Italians’ debut. A somewhat horror movie type instrumental intro gives way to Burning In Silence. The Kamelot influence is clear. Rock Ramon's voice is not that far from Tommy Karevik's. There is more anger here and Ramon does scream more as well. Pergatorium starts as a traditional heavy metal song and is generally a darker form of typical hard rock or grunge sound. Eville is next and is like hard rock Cure and Depeche Mode mixed with the aforementioned Kamelot! Nothing Else To Remind has power ballad credentials. Illusion is catchy and more upbeat. Save Me reminds of Kamelot yet again. Desperation Road interchanges acoustic and melodic moments with more anger and a good solo. Madman Town spends more time being heavy than not, relative to the songs before it at least. Lost In My Soul is melodic again, with a few hard rock elements. The title track closes these 42 minutes in a laid back and almost tired sounding mode. HIM fans may enjoy Suffocated as well though it is not all gothic or dark. – Anna Tergel


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