900 lb Steam - 2003 - Perris
Violent New Breed - 2006 - Cargo
Virus - 2008 - Locomotive

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Big American Dogs>>RICH LEWIS

W.A.S.P., Psychosquad>>Chris Holmes>>Where Angels Suffer - W.A.S.P., King Horses, Alice Cooper>>RANDY PIPER - CHRIS LANEY>>Leif Edling, Gathering of Kings, Pretty Maids

Blue Johnny>>Greg ‘Burn’ Coldewey – Autumn’s Ruin, Reign>>Jack Livengood - GRIZZLY

The Gods>>Frank Garisto - W.A.S.P.>>Tony Richards – Lion’s Share>>J. KOLEBERG [JOHAN KOLEBERG]>>Dark Illusion, The Experiment No. Q, Hammerfall

History & Biography
Animal was formed as early as 1987 by former W.A.S.P. guitarist Randy Piper after his former band's single Animal - Fuck Like A Beast. Piper had left W.A.S.P. following increased dissatisfaction with how Blackie Lawless had taken over the affairs of the band. He would briefly join Alice Cooper - a tenure that would not last. Animal is soon formed. The band's singer at this point was Kyle Michaels who has worked with Alex Masi. The animal goes into hibernation soon though. They were around long enough to contribute a song to the film Return To Spring Break.

Eight years pass before Animal returns to the scene in 1995. An album is recorded in 1998. Later, with Piper, Holmes and Richards, the band boasted three former W.A.S.P. alumni. It was not clear whether any of the members, except for Piper, was a permanent fixture within Animal. The band's debut finally appeared in late 2002. Still drummers Frank Garisto and Kelly Wilmot were associated with the act as well. The band announced the release of a new album called Virus on October 21st, 2008 through Locomotive Records.


Forgive me for thinking, nay hoping, that Animal would bear some resemblance to early W.A.S.P. After all no less than three members of the lineup which performed that band's 1984 debut are present here: guitarists Randy Piper and Chris Holmes, and drummer Tony Richards. It is true that twenty years have passed and the members musical tastes have moved on in tandem, but listening to the 900lb. Steam with its Post-Black Sabbath drone and Dirge-like compositions is hardly any solace. There is scant information here, but so far as one knows the album is as old as 1998 and recorded with a different lineup than the current one. The lineup is shifting, but given the talent of band founder Piper and the crazy reputation of Holmes a little guitar interplay would have been nice. The vocals are powerful though and do remind one of Blackie Lawless on occasions like the title track. Then again, they are more along the lines of Jackyll overall than anything else. The sound too is not the best here. Listening to the mix, it seems like the snare and other rhythm sounds are missing. Regardless the album kicks off with the aforementioned title track which is probably the best tune here. Pissed Off is more along the lines of Jackyll - especially vocally. Never is a ballad, while Another Victim is more like Monster Magnet. Feeling Nowhere is a slow song and is followed by Medicene Man (sic) which sports a powerful bass line. Animal is touring in its homeland, which might be interesting - especially if the band performs older W.A.S.P. tunes. - Ali "The Metallian"