Martyrium - 1994 - Endtime
The Return Of The Black Death - 1998 - Cacophonous
The Forsaken - 2005 - Endtime

Antestor image
S= Martyr [Kjetil Molnes]

G= Pilgrim [Erling] - VEMOD [LARS STOKSTAD] - Erkebisp

B= Gard [Vegard Undal]

D= Armoth [Svein Sander]>>The Mourning After, The Crest

K= Vemod [Lars Stokstad]

History & Biography
Oslo's Antestor was already alive in 1990 (as Crush Evil) and produced white thrash metal. The band breaks up in 1992, but reformed in 1993 and released a demo called Despair. Not garnering any label interest the band drafted new members and headed for a more commercial sound (i.e. keyboards are drafted) and invented something called Sorrow Metal.

The band's debut was to be released by a US label called Morphine. This label only released a tape version before disappearing! The band was quickly signed by Cacophonous. Kongsblod was the working title of the band's 1998 CD. With only Vemod remaining from the original line-up (alongside singer Vrede) the band was considered on hiatus as of 2007.

Satyricon, Burzum and others influenced this white metal band.