The Truth - 1992 -Shark
Total - 1994 - Shark
Mind Alive – 1996 - Bluelight

Antidote image
S= Nino Laurenne
G= NINO LAURENNE>>Thunderstone - Tuamo Louhio>>Impaled Nazarene - Pete Eloranta>>Nevergreen, Dienecia
B= Pete Peltonen
D= Abhorrence>>MIKA ARNKIL>>Abhorrence, Nevergreen, Impaled Nazarene

Formed by Laurenne and Arnkil in 1989, the Finnish thrashers followed a familiar pattern of releasing an average album and following it with slower and more subdued records. The bands influences were Metallica and Testament. The band's claim to fame might be the assistance of Stratovarius' Timo Tolkki in the mixing of Total and a tour with Accuser and Headhunter. The band ended life as a metal cover band called Huge Snake. Laurenne has gone to co-own Sonic Pump Studio where Nevergreen has recorded, while Peltonen works as a survival guide in Lapland. While on a break Arnkil had joined Abhorrence with whom the band ocne shared a rehearsal space.

Minotauro Records was issuing music by Antidote, featuring Nino Laurenne (Thunderstone) and Tuomo Louhio (Impaled Nazarene) in 2017, which was originally issued in 1992.