Mirage On The Ice – 1999 – Stella
Wings Of Fire – 2001 - Castle
Labyrinth In My Heart – 2003 - Nexus
Wild And Innocent – 2004 - Nexus
Gambler – 2006 – Experience
Ever-Lasting Blue – 2017 – Bit Organization

S= Yumi Kondoo/Luka Takayama>>Serafil – Solo>>SION>>Solo
G= Aredreds>>GOE [SUMIKO ISHIKAWA]>>Aredreds
B= Kyon [Kyoko ‘Miu’ Morita] – Saki – Sho – Ken Nishikawa
K= Noriko ‘Maya’ Takahashi/Maki

While there has been a boom in girl bands ‘jyo-metal’ in Japan since 2005 to 2007, Aphasia has been active in the hard rock circuit there since 1994! They are not forerunners like Show-Ya, but the band’s early arriver status is undisputable. The band’s first show took place in Tokyo in March 1995. There was a 1996 demo featuring bassist Junko Suzuki and founder (along with Jun) guitarist Satoko ‘Ten’ that was followed up by Aphasia II in 1997. Confusingly Demo II came in 1998! The band was opening its shows with Cheap Trick’s Hello There as it was a favourite of guitarist Goe. The band appeared on the Women’s Power First compilation with Neat001, among others, and issued its debut in 1999. The quartet was Yumi, Goe, Kyoko and Jun. The next compilation appearance was mixed gender and called Make It Shine Video Vol. 3. Saki was on bass for Wings Of Fire. The band moved to Nexus for Labyrinth In My Heart, which clearly warned men to stay away because dealing with so much emotional complexity is demanding. Sho was on bass guitar here. Tatsuya Nakamura of label-mates Blindman helped with this album’s arrangement. The band moved to reassure with the title of its next album. Luka was on vocals here, but wait a second it is still Yumi with a new name! The Mirage 2005 EP re-serviced older tracks. It featured Maya on keyboards rendering the band a quintet for the first time. The band’s sole album on the Experience label followed. The band issued its own video EP, Live At The Live Station in 2006. Sweet illusion was a 2009 EP. Remaining in the act were Jun, Goe and Luka. A hiatus ensued and Aphasis only reappeared in 2017. Ken, a man, was drafted on bass and Sion was the singer as of 2016. The Mirage 2018 EP recaptured older songs again. Sion had a solo album featuring Mary’s Blood Saki and Light Bringer’s Maki. It mixed cover versions and originals.

Aphasia is a condition that hinders the afflicted person from communicating. Aphasia is also a Europe song.