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S= Heretical>>Orias>>Heretical - P.B. MIDGARD
G= Afterglow, Thy Anthem Fades, Heretical>>Azmeroth [Paolo Bruno]>>Heretical, Schizo - Heretical>>P.B. MIDGARD>>Heretical
B= Heretical, Velchans>>Sakar>>Heretical, Velchans - K. ADEPT
D= Heretical, Dies Irae>>RASEZ>>Heretical, Dies Irae

Sicily’s Aposthate has a lot to hate regarding religion seeing it all around on the Mediterranean island. Formed in 2004 the band issued an EP, called First Born Evil, courtesy of TAF Production. First Born Evil was recorded at Golgotha Studio between September and November of 2004. The band would go on hiatus and lose founder Paolo Bruno, Orias and Sakar before returning with another EP, 2010’s Catharsis/Raebellion. The new EP showcased a band even more intent on delivering the brutality.

The band obviously has close links to Heretical.


Firstly, those are two hot hunks on the cover of the demo. Secondly, despite the quintet's looks and poseur T-shirts of Danzig (the has-been rock star) and Mayhem (wimped out jokers) the band is a serious death metal act. Thirdly, the band might claim to be signed to a TAF Production, but knowing that the members' other band is called Thy Anthem Fades really explains it all. The band delivers eight tracks of grim and dark death metal with gruff vocals, daring guitar moves and a drummer who speeds up and slows down but not on purpose. The emphasis is on speed and a dark attitude as song titles like Christfall [Putrefaction Of Life], Shade Of Noir and Freezing Womb Of Pain indicate. This is a real underground demonpiece with a sound to match from, fourth, a new band with a clever monicker. necroagency@libero.it can help you with this band. - Anna Tergel

Could this be the apex of brutality? That would, of course, be a short-sighted statement given how the same was thought of Metallica’s Kill 'Em All, Napalm Death’s Scum or Suffocation’s Effigy of The Forgotten when those albums were released, but Sicily’s Aposthate has one hell of a disc here.
Never mind any of that though, Cathrasis/Raebellion kills. This is brutality incarnate with sharp guitars, multiple layers of savage vocals, a drummer who is on a race against time to end the listener’s life before he ends his own and a distorted bass drum from the nether world. The vocals, in particular, take this repugnance to new lows of mania. From low growls to high screams and shrieks, P.B. Midgard has it all. This EP even features multiple give-no-quarter ripping guitar solos. When the music flies at speeds surpassing 666 kph and the heaviness makes Morbid Angel sound like a MTV novelty act one knows that Aposthate is the ultimate. Just listen to the start of the title track. 1001 Job For A Cowboy fan boys were immolated upon impact. A sliver of disappointment manifests itself on the thrashy Iconoclastic Legion when the band inexplicably defiles the system with synthesizers. Otherwise, this is nigh on perfect. Fans of Nile, Hate Eternal and Mexico’s Disgorge have no reason to wait. Pantera fans have every reason to. - Ali “The Metallian”