April Wine - 1972 - Big Three
On Record - 1973 - Big Three
Electric Jewels - 1974 - Big Three
Live - 1975 - Big Three
Stand Back - 1975 - Big Three
Forever For Now - 1976 - Big Three
The Whole World's Goin' Crazy - 1976 - London
Live At The El Macambo - 1977 - London
First Glance - 1978 - Capitol
Harder...Faster - 1979 - Capitol
The Nature Of The Beast - 1981 - Capitol
Power Play - 1982 - Capitol
Animal Grace - 1984 - Capitol
One For The Road - 1985 - Capitol
Walking Through the Fire - 1985 - Capitol
Attitude - 1993 - Capitol
Frigate - 1994 - Factor
Back To The Mansion - 2001 - Civilian
Roughly Speaking - 2006 - Universal

G= David Henman - Gary Maffet - Dudes>>BRIAN GREENWAY>>Solo - MYLES GOODWIN - Steven Segal
B= Jimmy Clench>>451° - Steve Lang - Jean Pellerin - 451° >>JIMMY CLENCH
D= Ritchie Henman - Jerry Mercer>>Lee Aaron - Jerry Mercer>>Lee Aaron - Marty Simon - Lee Aaron>>Jerry Mercer

Halifax (by way of Ontario) teenager Goodwyn formed the band in 1969 with his two Henman cousins, David and Ritchie, and a third cousin Clench. The band was a Canadian hit and even had a successful single in the form of You Could Have Been A Lady. In 1978, and after signing with Capitol, the band broke internationally and the hard rockers' albums became commercially successful world-wide.

Even though the band had a major hit with Roller, Goodwyn put the band on ice in the mid-80's, did some solo work and lived in the Bahamas for some time. The band came back in 1992 and released an album. April Wine was one of the most successful and prolific of the Canadian hard rock bands alongside Rush, Triumph and Trooper. The band cancelled a Halifax show in early 2009 when singer Myles Goodwin was forced to enter the hospital after injuring his head in Montreal. Drummer Jerry Mercer who was ousted from the band in November of 2008 was left out of the band’s induction into Canadian Music Industry Hall Of Fame one year later.



April Wine