The Goddess Temple - 1997 - Lucretia
Parallel Worlds - 2001 - Scarlet
Apocalypse - 2002 - Scarlet
Primary Fear - 2003 – Scarlet
In Praise Of Science – 2006 - Scarlet
A New Day – 2011 - Lion

Arachnes image
Panda, Macid, Magnetic Dream, Solo, Marco Campanella>>ENZO CARUSO>>Solo, Marco Campanella

Macid, Back To Back, Solo, Darklight>>FRANCO CARUSO>>Solo, Darklight

Paolo Casalini – Hatework>>Max Clementi>>Hatework - Paolo Giani – Darklight>>GABRY BARONI>>Darklight

Graziano Rampazzo - Stefano Cacioni – Jaco – Blood Thirsty Demons>>STEFANO CAIRONI

History & Biography
Formed as Firehouse, the band recorded the Rockhouse demo in 1987. 1988 saw an album as Firehouse, but the band became dormant until 1994 when the band released a new album called Labyrinth. For conflict reasons and to match their newer and progressive sound the band changed names in 1997 and signed to Lucretia Records of Italy. The turning point came as a result of the band's work for televisions scores.

The brothers signed to Italy's Underground Symphony and released an EP called Metamorphosis in 2000. Next up was another Italian label, Scarlet Records. Arachnes also introduced bassist Max Clementi and drummer Jaco at this point. Apocalypse would see the band experiment with orchestral sounds.

Music For The Masses Records and Music For The Masses Distro were new entities. Arachnes’ A New Day album, which was originally released in 2011, Was issued for the first time on physical media on its 10th anniversary.

The band's name is inspired by a story in Greek mythology where a lady is transformed into a spider by the goddess Athena.