Defenestrated>>ARCHSPIRE - CANADA

All Shall Align – 2011 – Trendkill
The Lucid Collective – 2014 - Season Of Mist
Relentless Mutation – 2017 - Season Of Mist


S= Hunting Humans!, Enchanted Faeries>>OLI PETERS>>Enchanted Faeries
G= Muspellheim>>TOBI MORELLI – Seven Year Storm>>DEAN LAMB>>Seven Year Storm
B= Seasons Of Sorrow, Funeral Fornication, Lashing Ether, Artep>>Jaron Evil>>Seasons Of Sorrow, Almuric, Lashing Ether, Artep, Funeral Fornication - Civil Ruin, Harvest The Infection>>JARED SMITH
D= Impure, Gremory, Artep>>SPENCER PREWETT>>Artep


This Vancouver-based band was formed in 2007 as Defenestrated, but changed its name two years later. Singer Shawn Hache did not last. The All Shall Align demo of 2010 preceded the full-length by a year. Thereafter the band switched to another French label, Season Of Mist, in 2013. The label’s owner, Micahel, had seen the band on tour in 2011. The band toured with Revocation and played at Farmageddon in 2015. Jared Smith joined in 2016. Canada-based Archspire had a 2017 album called Relentless Mutation through Season Of Mist. The band toured New Zealand in 2018.

An ‘arch’ and a ‘spire’ cannot coexist.