Ankh – 2005 – Black-Listed
Daemonicus – 2008 – Aprights
Goddess – 2010 – Aprights
Judge The Joker – 2014 – The Devil’s Own


G= Eizo Japan>>YOICHIRO ISHINO>>Eizo Japan
B= Yoshihiro Yoshida – Castle In The Air>>Keisuke Furuya
D= Kensuke Imai>>Wizard’s Hymn, Athenia, Energy Strike, Masterpiece


Neo-Classical Fantasy metal band Area51 was active for twelve years beginning 2003 and activities dried up thereafter despite no word on an official break-up. The group took form when Ishino was joined by drummer Imai. Ishino was working with an early singer. The band hired pop singer Kate to front it. She would recount the story that she was unaware of the band’s metal style until after joining. She was not a metal fan to begin with. The Demo CD came out in 2003. The single Extended Wings followed in 2004. Black-Listed signed the band and issued Ankh in the summer of 2005. Ankh was recommended by BURRN! Magazine. The band was to tour Brazil and issued a jaunt EP in tandem. The trek was stillborn though. By album number three the band being Ishino and Cain was official. Achi had left claiming illness. The song Nightmare was the subject of a video.

Eizo Japan, was a new project featuring Anthem singer Eizo Sakamoto and guitarist Yoichiro Ishino, which was dedicated to playing metal covers of popular anime themes. The band released part 2 of its debut in Japan. Album number two introduced Achi to the keyboards.

Goes without saying that Dirk Verbeuren was the drum-for-hire on Judge The Joker. Mike LePond of Symphony X showed up on bass.

Area 51 is the unofficial name for a USA Air Force base that has been the subject of persistent rumours about aliens since 1989.