AREA 54 - UK

No Visible Scars - 1999 - Dream Catcher
Beckoning Of The End – 2003 – Casket

Area 54 image

G= Gorerotted>>LAKIS KYRIACOU>>Love And Bullets, Nemhain - STEVE MARTIN

B= Laura Salmon

D= Rob Hillman

History & Biography
Area 54 is a heavy metal-cum-rock band based out of London, England. The band was unhappy with the engineering of its debut and had gone to producer Simon Efemey for rectification. To support the album, Area 54 played a tour with Blaze. The band was dropped by Dream Catcher mid-2001, although the band has decided to go on. Casket issued an album for the band. The band issued a demo called A Fistful Of Gravy in 2005, which did not yield the desired result leading to the independent full-length Bring Out Your Dead in 2007. The act threw in the towel in 2007. The rhythm section had decamped by now.

Area 54 may refer to a facility in the Transformers.



Area 54