Brutal Conflict – 2017 - Metal Scrap

S= In Lacrimaes Et Dolor>>FRANCESCO TORRESI>>In Lacrimaes Et Dolor
G= Unreal Terror>>PAOLO PONZI>>Unreal Terror - LUCA NATARELLA
B= Nacom, Scala Mercalli>>GIUSY BETTEI>>Nacom, Scala Mercalli
D= Concept, Prophilax, Outbreak, A.T.T., Kaledon, Stormlord, Tular, Screaming Banshee, Nerodia, Mesosphera, Novembre>>DAVID FOLCHITTO>>Stormlord, Tular, Screaming Banshee, Nerodia, Mesosphera, Novembre

This Abruzzo-based band was founded in 2008. Several members like singer Mirco Gnagnarelli, bassist Danilo Del Conte and drummer Maurizio Iezzi came and went. A demo called Galleries Of Absurde was issued in 2010. Metal Scrap Records has issued Arkana Code’s Brutal Conflict.


The second - or is that first? only a previous demo is listed for this band - full length by these Italians starts off with a short intro and then jumps into Violent Human Corruption. Brutal Conflict is said to be a concept album about a civilization experiencing terrible times, this could perhaps be interpreted as the current state of humanity, but the claim is of an 'ancestral civilization' whose history has now been decrypted. The vocals are growling with harsh sounding screams and the music is what could be termed as death metal with technicality thrown in. The fourth song, Escape From My Mind, is the first highlight of the album with a driving faster riff. There is something of a Sadist influence in the guitar playing and melody here too. The band bio throws out almost random names such as Arch Enemy, Children Of Bodom and Impaled Nazarene in its 'for fans of' section but one will be hard pressed to compare this quintet to any of those three at least. In Mutilated Reality the band take a more standard approach, the song has a more conventional speedy death metal sound and structure. An American death metal sound becomes more pronounced in Dismember The Control. The album closes with Astral Illusion, a song with a catchier tone. Brutal Conflict is standard death metal owing more to the 90's style than anything more recent. – Anna Tergel


Arkana Code