On Crom’s Mountain - 2011 - Barbarian Wrath
Legions Of The Deep - 2012 - Metal On Metal
I Am Providence - 2015 - Metal On Metal

S= Diavolo, The Lamp Of Thoth>>SIMON ROURKE 'Iff'>>The Lamp Of Thoth
G= Let 'Em Burn, Diavolo>>ALDO 'DODO' DOOM - Let 'Em Burn>>DIRTY JOHN [JOHN HANSLIP]
B= John 'J.D.' Demaine - Let 'Em Burn>>Raj Singh
D= Diavolo, The Lamp Of Thoth>>EMILY NINGAUBLE>>The Lamp Of Thoth

Yorkshire, England band Arkham Witch was formed in 2008. Demo 2009 came in that year. The doomsters signed with the always fledgling Barbarian Wrath and were off to the slow races. Metal On Metal signed the band in 2012. Demaine left. The band had also recorded a song called For Metal, which was issued on Compendium Of Metal Vol. 5 in April through Metal On Metal Records. Simon took over the bass in 2012 and again in 2017.



Arkham Witch