Sleazy Luster>>AROUGE - JAPAN

~暴逆の貴公子~ - 1984 - Victor

S= KOUSHI YAMADA>>Yamada Koshi And Ruro No Asautai
G= UMIHIKO KITSUTAKA>>Kinniku Shojo Tai, Solo, X.Y.Z.→A

The history of Tokyo, Japan-based Arouge is intertwined with its first incarnation as Sleazy Luster, which existed between 1981 and 1983. This was initially a band founded by ace guitarist Kitsutaka Fumihiko and bassist Fukuda Jun at school. Sleazy Luster participated in Yamaha’s East West battle of the bands in 1982 and 1983. The boys applied to work with Japanese rock enchantress Hamada Mari and did that for a while. The band obtained a major deal, changed its monicker and issued an album, called ‘Rebel Nobleman’ or Boogyaku No Kikooshi, in November of 1984 which featured writing and help from Bow Wow singer/guitarist Yamamoto Kyoji. Arouge opened the Grand Metal Live 5th Japan Heavy Metal Fantasy festival in Osaka in 1984. Also on the bill was 44Magnum, X-Ray, Marino, Action, Rajas and Misako Honjo. The band bit the dust in 1986.

Fumihiko would be voted the top guitarist in Young Guitar magazine a decade later. The album was re-issued in 2004 including demo material as a bonus. The band reunited for anniversary shows in 2010 and 2015. The Arouge members were guests of Fumihiko at his anniversary celebration as well. Yamada Koshi And Ruro No Asautai came together in 1994 and featured former member of X-Ray as well. It was a rock/swing act.