Road To Macedonia – 2004 – Steel Gallery
Terra Incognita – 2010 – Pitch Black
Ira Imperium – 2011 - Pitch Black
IV: Stigmata – 2013 - Pitch Black
Chronicles Of Light – 2016 - Pitch Black
Dawn Of Aquarius – 2017 - Pitch Black
Archegonoi – 2018 – Pitch Black

S= Diphtheria, Astronomikon, Prodigal Earth, Warlord>>NICHOLAS LEPTOS>>Diphtheria, Astronomikon, Prodigal Earth, Warlord
G= Diphtheria, Gangland, Astronomikon>>SOCRATES LEPTOS>>Astronomikon - Alexis Kleidaras – CHRISTOFORS GAVRIEL
B= Sanvoisen>>Vagelis Maranis - Diphtheria, Astronomikon, Prodigal Earth>>Paris Lambrou>>Astronomikon, Prodigal Earth – Winter’s Verge>>MIGUEL TRAPEZARIS>>Winter’s Verge
D= Saidian, Karkadan, Mystic Prophecy, Astronomikon>>Stefan Dittrich>>Astronomikon
K= George Kallis

Interestingly the band was formed in the USA in 1997, but relocated to Cyprus. The founders were Nicholas Leptos and Clement Fung. The group was presented via first demo Return To Troy in 1999 and second demo Osiris in 2000. Greek label Steel Gallery issued the group’s first record in 2004. The next record and label followed six years later. The monicker was modified in 2011. In early 2016, Power metal band Arrayan Path had a new album called Chronicles Of Light through Pitch Black Records. It was the follow-up to 2013’s IV: Stigmata. The band returned with its 2017 album, Dawn Of Aquarius, through Pitch Black Records just a little over a year following the band’s last offering, Chronicles Of Light. The group issued a new album, called Archegonoi, which featured drummer Mark Zonder in late 2018.



Arrayan Path