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History & Biography
Arrow were a German Euro-heavy metal band based near Darmstadt in Central Germany. The act was active between February 1983 and 1985. Drivin' Devil was the 1983 demo. It was taped at the group's rehearsal room. The singer here was Pete Kulp who would depart immediately for the more commercial realms of Dartmoor. He and the rest of the band had a falling out resulting in his departure in the summer after only one gig played. Interestingly, Kulp would band together with his former colleagues in Destroyer/Deztroyer later. Built To Destroy was the 1984 demo. This tape featured re-recordings of the material from Drivin' Devil and added a couple of new songs. The act had a fan club called The Banging Mania. The band had two EPs: 1984's The Heavy Metal Mania (with recycled demo material again) on the Fritz imprint and 1985's independent Master Of Evil. Drummer Hilgers departed before the act threw in the towel.

The year 2000 brought a compilation called The EPs .84.85 And More... Diabolic Might Records of Germany issued another compilation in 2021.