When The Twilight Set In Again - 1998 - Mystic
Ad Sidera, Ad Infinitum - 2000 - Mystic
Ex Oriente Lux - 2001 - Metal Mind
XIII Voltumn Lunae - 2002 - Metal Mind
EyeMDX-tasy - 2004 - Metal Mind
Stairs To Nowhere - 2012 - Icaros
What If... - 2020 - WormHoleDeath

Asgaard image
S= Devilish Impressions, Crionics, Gnida>>QUAZARRE [PRZEMYSLAW OLBRYT]>>Devilish Impressions, Crionics, Gnida



D= Roman Gołębiowski

K= Unknown Dimensions, Serpentia, Dominium, Hermh, Abused Majesty, Esotherisst>>FLUMEN [WOJCIECH KOSTRZEWA]>>Unknown Dimensions, Serpentia, Dominium, Hermh, Abused Majesty, Esotherisst

F= Małgorzata Raźniak

V= Honorata Stawicka

History & Biography
This poppy, gothy, alternative band with metal overtones (you know, Pyogenesis/Fall Of The Leafe shirts) was active between 1994 and 2005. It was founded by Bartlomiej Kostrzewa. Five albums emerged during this period in addition to the inaugural Excellent Darkness Art demo of 1997. The band and Artrosis shared a stage in 2001. Lux In Tenebris - Live In Kraków was a live DVD recorded in Poland and issued by Metal Mind Productions in 2003. The originating concert had the band open for Enslaved, Rotting Christ and Dark Tranquillity in 2002. The group played at Metalmania with Tiamat, Krisiun, etc. in 2004.

The act collapsed, but did the traditional return in 2007. Jacek Monkiewicz was gone and Hetzer took over the bass. He had also handled the vocals earlier. Roman Gołębiowski left in 2010. The band turned to its plug-in drum machine. Another album appeared in 2012. The one after took another eight years. The W Sercu Nieświata 2023 EP contained self-cover versions and acoustic tracks.

The band had dedicated violinist, flute player and female vocalists to begin, but stripped down over the years. Asgaard, and its various spellings, is the home of the mythological Norse gods.