On The Edge of Chasm – 2008 – Satanarsa
Dethroned Of impostor – 2010 – Vision By Fire/Apocalyptic Art
Wyrm Of Melancholy – 2012 – Metallic Media
Atenvx – 2013 – Hell Division
Nekrocosmo: Nocturnal Kali Yuga – 2015 – Symbol Of Domination
Drum-Ghoul – 2017 – Symbol Of Domination
Fragments Of nightmares – 2019 – NitroAtmosfericum
Hyperborea – 2020 - GrimmDistribution


The solo symphonic/metal act was founded as a black metal project in Siberia in 2005 and has issued a series of full and semi-lengths ever since. The monicker was chosen as Astaroth was already taken. The man issued a demo called Monolith Of The Abysses in 2006 and it was off to the races. On The Edge Of Chasm made use of the songs again in 2008. The act appeared on the Tribute To Norwegian Black Metal compilation. Uran 0 and the act had a split at the tail end of 2009. Invasion To Forbidden was a 2011 EP. Eternal Occultation was a 2021 EP.


This band is a Russia-based “symphonic” act, which is code for keyboards, synthesizers and some more keyboards. Where is the metal? It shows up here and there in the form of a distorted guitar, screechy and croaking evil vocals and such, but otherwise Astarium is more probably an electronic synthesizer band with a few effects and tons of melody thrown in. It seems metal fans accept (solo) bands and albums like this as metal because they are told to do so.
Deep Purple fans suddenly became fans of the Jesus Christ Superstar musical just because Ian Gillan of Deep Purple starred in it in 1970. The musical’s music had nothing to do with Deep Purple or hard rock.
Hyperborea (is it a trend to call your album this?) has way too much keyboards, drum machine, medieval folk anthems and melody to satisfy a metal fan, but if you cannot get enough Mortiis crap in your life and if you have exhausted every soundtrack from every movie Tim Burton has been involved in there is the first five seconds of Curse From The Past! Likely inspired by Dimmu Borgir and a hatred for a powerful ‘drum’ sound, you can delve into the goth pop start of Halls Of Winter Gods, the chariot and horse effects of For The King! (personally much prefer ‘Kill The King’) and the very Eurovision-ish pop of Battle Glory. – Ali “The Metallian”