Eternal – 2018 – Black-listed
A.M.S.S.P.A – 2020 – Black-listed

S= Harakiri, Darkever Of The Light>>AKINA>>Solo
G= Harakiri>>M
B= Kae - SHOGO
D= Fumiya – Ancient Myth, Voice Of Divine Children, Red Fan>>PEPE>>Red Fan

Asura is to be approached with caution. The band began life in 2014 as a follow-up to Harakiri - recommended movie! - and featured pop music, rapping and performative dancing. Metal fans need and deserve pretty feminine dancers on stage as much as anybody else, but the music certainly veered dramatic instead of metallic. This gradually changed four years into the act’s tenure. The band terms it a fusion of dance and rock.

Help! Was a 2014 demo. Shock! Followed in 2016. Black-listed picked up the band and issued an EP called Blast! In 2017. Eternal (2018) was the debut full-length and disappointed the hardcore fans given the lack of exclamation! For them here it is: Eternal! A.M.S.S.P.A. was harder. Japan-based Asura had a full-length demo called Realize in 2021. Japan-based Asura decided to disband after eight years of activity in 2021. A show on December 5th would be its last. The singer Akina intended to continue as a solo act.

Sayaka and Uribo dance on stage, perform backing vocals and the occasional instrumentation. Asura was also a dark anime, based on a manga, which was released in 2012.