Funeris Nocturnum>>ATAKHAMA - FINLAND

Existence Indifferent - 2005 - Woodcut

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Soulfallen>>JIMMY SALMI>>Soulfallen

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History & Biography
Atakhama was formed in April, 2004 in Jyväskylä as the follow-up band to Funeris Nocturnum. The group recruited singer Salmi and utilized the songs and studio booking for the fourth Funeris Nocturnum album to enter the studio. The name Atakhama was chosen in December of 2004. The band obtained a contract with Woodcut Records and issued its debut in April of 2005. Guitarist Hintikka left in the summer of 2006 citing a lack of motivation.


Atakhama is a Finnish, no don’t stop reading, come back, this one doesn’t suck...that was formed from the ashes of Funeris Nocturnum with the addition of singer Jimmy Salmi. The death metal hate mongers are clearly influenced by Nile and Morbid Angel as the semi-technical breaks and the hint of Middle Eastern melodies demonstrate. More explicitly, the quintet takes the matter into its own hands delivering a venomous and infectious speed-oriented opus full of enough actual riff and heavy segments to produce what can be genuinely called extreme. The vocals are of the 'trade off' variety with the dominant gargling screams battling the lower-pitched growls. The solos that there are confirm the guitarists’ ability to rip it up. Shades Of Vader and Hate Eternal add to the mix and make Existence Indifferent a compelling album, although one would be hard-pressed to claim Atakhama is doing anything different from its colleagues in the industry. A mark of eighty out of a hundred should be right for a band that is probably about to be ignored in Finland and would look for support in more metal territories. - Ali “The Metallian”