Slow Transcending Agony – 2005 – Weird Truth
Anhédonie – 2008 – Weird Truth
L'être Et La Nausée – 2013 – Weird Truth
Résignés – 2019 – Xenokorp


S= Funeralium, Void Paradigm>>JONATHAN THÉRY>>Funeralium, Void Paradigm
G= Sylvain Estève>>Stabwound - Fatum Elisum, Forsaken Peddlers>>HUGO GASPAR>>Forsaken Peddlers – Yuck, Hyadningar, Void Paradigm, Sordide, Wastes>>JULIEN PAYAN>>Void Paradigm, Sordide, Wastes – Funeralium, Stabwound, Despond, Wormfood, Conviction, Wastes>>FRÉDÉRIC PATTE-BRASSEUR>>Funeralium, Despond, Wormfood, Stabwound, Conviction, Wastes
B= Funeralium>>JONATHAN THÉRY>>Funeralium
D= Chaos Dei, Hyadningar>>PIERRE SÉNÉCAL>>Chaos Dei, Hyadningar


The funeral doom metal band came together in 2000 and had a split release, called Live In Rouen, with Hyadningar in 2001. Drummer Pierre was in both bands. Future guitarist Julien of Hyadningar would become a part of Ataraxie in 2014. The Other Path and Live Doomination demos followed. Sylvain Estève left in 2014. Ataraxie had a 2019 album through Xenokorp. It was delayed from 2018.