Screaming Tornado>>ATOMIC TORNADO>>Screaming Tornado - JAPAN

Tornado Eye – 2007 - Yamaha


S= Lemon-Glass>>YOSUKE TSUCHIYA>>Lemon-Glass
G= YOSHINAO ‘DAXCHIE’ ODACHI – Snow Style>>Takashi "King" Nakayama – YOSUKE TSUCHIYA - YUYA
B= Naoto>>Storm Rider, Solo, 成田☆一家 – Jack Rose>>HIROYUKI ODACHI>>Cyclone
D= Muthas Pride>>YUU OOUCHI>>Muthas Pride, Cyclone


This Helloween-influenced Japanese heavy metal band was around for four years beginning in 1992. Drummer Murakami and singer/guitarist Yosuke were the founders. The monicker was picked by drummer Hiroyuki Murakami. The name was changed to Screaming Tornado before, as with most bands, reverting to the original monicker. The group disbanded in 2008.

How Many Sorrows was a 1996 demo. D.N.A. was the return demo of 2001. Drummer Val of Blindman and Concerto Moon joined for a year at this juncture. Iron Shock signed the band and together they issued the Tornado Eve EP of 2003. The full-length came four years thereafter. Two members ended up in Cyclone.

The band wore make-up and the members represented the different elements. Yosuke was light, Daxchie was water, Hiroyuki was wind, Yu-Ya (a music instructor) was fire and drummer Chaly was earth. The band focused on DNA as a subject-matter. Hiroyuki is Yoshinao’s younger brother.



Atomic Tornado