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Socialized Hate - 1988 - Roadrunner
Violent By Nature - 1990 - Roadrunner

Atrophy image
S= Brian Zimmerman

G= Chris Lykins - Rick Skowron

B= James Gulotta

D= White Hott, Parasite>>Tim Kelly>>White Hott, Parasite, Scars Of Atrophy

History & Biography
Arizona thrashers Atrophy caused a big buzz in the metal underground as the first band to manufacture and send out demo CDs in the early days of Compact Discs. Playing crunchy thrash, the band slowed down on the second album which predictably sold less. The band dropped off the face of the planet. The late '90s saw the band back with some live shows and a new singer. The name change did nothing for the band, Displeased Records would re-issue the band’s Socialized Hate and Violent By Nature albums in 2006.

Predictably, Atrophy re-appeared in 2015. The band played concerts in the USA, South America and China. A new song was called Riptide in 2017. Original members remaining were James Gulotta (who left in 2019), singer Zimmerman and drummer Kelly. Zimmerman left in 2020 ostensibly because touring was unavailable due to COVID-19, but soon resumed musical activities with newer members. The remaining members, including original drummer Kelly, shifted to a new monicker namely, Scars Of Atrophy. This band had a demo and video called Nations Divide in 2022.