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The Red In The Sky Is Ours - 1992 - Deaf
With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness - 1993 - Peaceville
Terminal Spirit Disease - 1994 - Peaceville
Slaughter Of The Soul - 1995 - Earache
Unleashed - Live at Wacken - 2010 - Earache
At War With Reality - 2014 - Century Media
To Drink From The Night Itself – 2018 - Century Media
The Nightmare Of Being – 2021 – Century Media

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Jesper Jarold

History & Biography
Having released the Incantation album under the former monicker, the Gothenburg deathrash band changed its name in 1990 and released the acclaimed Gardens Of Grief EP at the end of 1990 on Dolores Records. In contrast to most of its peers, At The Gates was one band that consistently improved and got faster and heavier. This fact contradicted the band's multiple tours with the likes of My Dying Bride and Anathema. Where the band would use violinist Jesper Jarold on The Red In The Sky Is Ours album, their then finale Slaughter Of The Soul would end up being the Reign In Blood of the ‘90s.

While Slaughter... album was seen as the band's ascendance to bigger and better things, internal difficulties and the justified feeling that the band will not top that particular release lead to the group's dissolution.

Several live tracks could be found tagged at the end of Terminal Spirit Disease. Seeing that the band had toured a year earlier with Seance, several of the bands' members went on to form the popular Witchery and The Haunted, another working with multiple bands and yet another founding a full-time tattoo business. Inevitably, the band announced its plans to reform in late 2007 for several festival appearances the summer after, including Wacken Open Air and UK’s Bloodstock. The group was preoccupied putting together a video documentary of the band including its recent tour with The Haunted, Disfear and others in late 2008. Paradise Lost recruited Adrian Erlandsson as its new drummer in 2009. At The Gates announced the release of The Flames Of The End DVD package in February of 2010 through Earache Records. The set included live performances and a documentary on the band. Purgatory Unleashed - Live at Wacken was a live album culled from the band’s 2008 Wacken Open Air performance. It was released on May 4th through Earache Records.

One-time The Haunted and present At The Gates guitarist Anders Björler would release his first solo album, Antikythera" (formerly The Antikythera Mechanism), on November 6th, 2013 through Razzia Notes. The label was owned by In Flames singer Anders Friden. The album was mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studio in Aarhus, Denmark. The Slaughter Of The Soul line-up of At The Gates has announced a new album called At War With Reality. The band has signed with Century Media and expecting to record early in the summer for an autumn release. Century Media bands At The Gates, Triptykon and Morbus Chron would tour Europe in December of 2014. Since reforming At The Gates had only been seen live at festivals. At The Gates, The Haunted and Decapitated would tour the US in February of 2016. At The Gates members Tomas Lindberg (vocals) and Adrian Erlandsson (drums) joined guitarist Jonas Stålhammar (The Crown), guitarist Fredrik Wallenberg (Skitsystem) and bassist Andreas Axelsson (Disfear, Edge Of Sanity, etc.) in a death metal project called The Lurking Fear In 2017. Founding guitarist Anders Björler quit At The Gates in 2017 citing a lack of interest in the band’s musical style. The band would carry on and was working on a new record. At The Gates recruited guitarist Jonas Stålhammar (God Macabre/Macabre End) and will record an album next coming winter. At The Gates’ next album, To Drink From The Night Itself, was out through Century Media Records in May. Russ Russell taped it. At The Gates played a secret and unannounced show as The Burning Darkness at Bastard Club in Osnabrück, Germany on March 2nd 2018. The monicker was a song title from With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness. Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, At The Gates and Grand Magus would tour North America using the Berserker monicker in September 2019. The name was taken from Amon Amarth’s latest album. The next At The Gates album was called The Nightmare Of Being and was issued by Century Media in July. At The Gates conducted the Slaughter Of The Soul North American tour in the summer of 2022. Originally planned for the 25th anniversary of Slaughter Of The Soul album of 1995 in 2020, the pandemic postponed the touring to 2022. At The Gates would play the whole Slaughter Of The Soul album from start to finish, and also a mix of other tracks from its 30-plus-year career.

At The Gates, which was due to tour for its Slaughter Of The Soul North American trek, kicked guitarist Jonas Stålhammar out of the band in July 2022. Lindberg appeared on stage with Entombed at the Gefle festival in Sweden. In Flames would embark on a European tour with At The Gates, Imminence and Orbit Culture in November and December 2022. The group has recruited Daniel Martinez (Atheist) for guitar for the band’s current North American tour performing the entire Slaughter Of The Soul album. Guitarist Anders Björler was back in 2022 after an absence of five years. The band was playing at UK’s Damnation festival and touring with In Flames. At The Gates cancelled all planned 2024 concerts. A reason was not on offer.



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